What domain name service is best?

So I am nearly ready to release my meteor app to the big wide world - choice of server is down to two either Modulus or Digital Ocean - but then came another problem - what domain name to use - actually the choice of name is not difficult - it is just the wide of choice of companies that will register the name for you - am I best to go with one that will offer a web site, email and hosting - or are there some companies with are better suited to a separate cloud hosting service.

well, for mail you can use gmail with your domain as long as I know
and all the others will be redirected to your app anyway.
So i am usually looking addresses on Godaddy to buy domain addresses in bulk package, like .com +.eu +your local domain for lower price etc.

I personally use name.com - always found them to be friendly, helpful and competitively priced. Don’t get sucked in by companies offering you free stuff, especially as it’s clear you won’t even need it. Email is the only special case - and will depend a lot on your needs and experience. As @shock says GMail does have a professional package that allows you to use your own domain, Google Apps, it’s $5 (from memory) per user, but that’s actually good value for money for what you get, IMO.

I’ve had good experience with Digital Ocean as well, by the way.

IMO it’s a good idea to separate your domain names from your hosting from my past experience. I use namecheap for most of my domains. They’re all pretty much the same though, and most of them provide free DNS to point your domain to whatever host you choose. (DO also provides DNS if you choose to use them)

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I normally use Namecheap to register and DNSimple to manage the domains, so far I’ve had 0 issues with either of them

this has nothing to do with meteor. why not post on stack exchange?

Thanks for all the great replies - you have really put my mind at ease.

Sorry Max if you consider it a none Meteor question but there must be many developers new to Meteor which follow the following path:

1 - try out Meteor with local host
2 - test app out on Meteor web site
3 - test app on could service such as Modulus or Digital Ocean
4 - think about what name to use.

there are also Meteor devs who need help with JavaScript, CSS, GitHub, transactional mail service and the English language, but there are other places which specialize in those areas.

Sorry it’s just that sometimes I get this meteor forums digest by email and there isn’t anything about Meteor in it.

For what it’s worth I use dotster for domain registration (but Gandhi or .io domains) then cloudflare for the name servers.

I don’t like godaddy simply because they nickel & dime the crap outta you & I don’t want to support that business model. Google entered the space about a year ago & I got a domain through them & it is really simple, like $12.