What Facebook oAuth URL to use for Cordova iOS app?

I have an app open in Cordova/XCode trying to use the Facebook SDK for sharing.

The code I’m using to run the app is:

meteor run ios-device --settings settings-production.json --mobile-server https://myliveserver.com --production

and in Facebook I have a Valid OAuth redirect URI as


When I try to use Facebook’s SDK and run FB.ui({method: 'share'}) I get

Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration

It works fine on desktop, and on a mobile browser, just not in Cordova. Is there some different redirect URI that Cordova uses?


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Bump… has anyone had success with Facebook / Cordova?

Login with Facebook works (although, the window isn’t closing automatically after login, does anyone know about that issue too?)

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Could you solve this issue at the end?