What files on meteor project should I zip if I wan't to build on adobe phonegap build?

For those developers that wants to build ios app, but doesn’t have mac this would be very helpful .

up… still can’t find any work around for this :smile:

The generated Cordova code can be found in .meteor/local/cordova-build in your project directory, but this is unlikely to work as is with PhoneGap Build. From what I’ve seen, you would usually just pass it the contents of the www directory, but Meteor relies on a custom plugin to serve the meteor.local URLs we use. There may be a way to configure a private plugin (see here) however. Let me know if you find out more.

@martijnwalraven thanks for the info,
i just wanna clarify ,meteor is not using default cordova build right? cause when i check index.html on my cordova-build, is empty , (no codes) thats why when i try to build on adobe phonegap, it just shows white screen, so I think when you run “meteor build”, it inserts all my meteor (clients) codes inside that body tag? or am i wrong?

I’ve been trying to build on Adobe phonegap since yesterday but no luck… I guess i have to buy mac to be able to build ios app…

any way , on meteor 1.2, will you update also cordova to 5.1.1? and when will be the expected release of meteor 1.2? thanks…

Well, Meteor does use the regular Cordova build process under the hood. But just like for regular Meteor webapps, the body of index.html is empty and is generated dynamically from a template on the client (so not during meteor build).

I’m working on improvements to the Cordova integration, including an update to 5.1.1. I’m hoping to ship at least some of that work with the Meteor 1.2 release or else soon after. As Matt mentioned in his blog post, Meteor 1.2 will ship later this summer.

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Thanks @martijnwalraven