What happend to client/compatibility? in v1.8

I’m trying to upgrade my meteor v1.6 to v1.8 and when I did, I can’t even bring up my application.

I’m using “Many” third party libraries that my app requires to function, now with so-called “eager” loading removed how am I suppose to load these libraries? (38 of them) mostly jquery plugins.

In your case it’d be best to keep using eager loading!
Just remove the "meteor" section from package.json

EDIT: Actually, if you ran an upgrade, it shouldn’t have altered the loading behaviour. It hasn’t for any apps that I’ve updated

Are you getting any errors?

The error is vague, here is what I’m seeing after the upgrade, of course, if I revert back to 1.6 via git, it comes up just fine.

I have checked package.json and it doesn’t have meteor object

is there is a way to debug this?


=> Errors prevented startup:

   While building for web.browser.legacy:
   client/main.js: Cannot read property 'imports' of undefined

   While building for os.osx.x86_64:
   server/main.js: Cannot read property 'imports' of undefined

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

Not sure, did you try a meteor reset after the upgrade? It could be obsolete build cache files?