What happens to "Hot Code Push" in Cordova when the content of a site/server is changed?


I have an ongoing ordeal with hot code push and Cordova, mainly the hot code push part because the app encounters an error when I relaunch it after a deployment on the server. (You can check it here: What constitutes a new mobile build?)

But I have a different question, I normally build with this command:

meteor build <build path> --server='http://myowndomain.co'

And right now, I use Waves Hosting to host my web app on that domain. I can easily switch what “version” of my app is up on that link, with significant changes to the content or say components being rendered on the app or the css/styling, and it shows on a browser, however, the mobile build I have seems to stick with the version of the app I have locally (at the time of building).

So how does HCP actually work? This might help me resolve my initial issues, but for this case, it seems to not matter what “server” I link in my meteor build command. (Though the mongodb used seems correct anyway).

The steps I do:

  1. Deploy to server
  2. Build using meteor build…

Am I missing a step or something?

Any thoughts?

@remingtonchan I think I’m running into the same issue with Waves Hosting and Cordova. Did you find a solution?