What I made for April Fool's day - no joke!

Instead of trolling everyone with rumors of Facebook, I decided to do something constructive this year. I made a video that shows you how to use different debugging techniques with Javascript:

I used the Nova branch of Telescope to also help showcase Telescope/Meteor/React. Thanks for your hard work on Nova @sacha!


Nice video, I always forget about NodeInspector! And thanks for using Nova btw :slight_smile:

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Thanks for making Nova, can’t wait until everyone gets to see it on Crater. It is so much faster than the Blaze version!

Looks like I hit 50 thumbs up, so I will make another one.

Crap, now I need topic ideas :fire:

Hmm, someone give me some topic ideas :slight_smile:

Integrating data-tables or angular-smart-tables with Meteor reactive data to do Meteor.user management and role based authorization.

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That is pretty specific, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I will add it to the list of potential topics.

If you need help let me know I am doing it with angular-smart-tables, but it’s not really the most stable thing because I am learning how all of this ties together and there’s just so many “side-effects” that I have to learn tying all these technologies.

I appreciate the offer. Really hoping to keep the topics less focused around Meteor and more focused around javascript or building javascript apps. More suggestions welcome!