What if every Meteor Meetup happened on the same day of the month?

Imagine if we can all connect on the same day, live stream talks to each other, etc. It would feel 10x bigger.

Don’t forget time zones :smile:

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Haha of course, but it can work. The time different through US and Canada is at most 3 hours. And probably similar for the other continents.

I live in Germany (Central European Time) and it is a difference of 6 to 9 hours to the time zones in the USA :wink:

Anyway it could work for smaller areas. I thought about world scope :smiley:

I personally enjoy to watch the YouTube video of the San Francisco Meteor Devshop every month and I also sometimes watch the videos of Meetup talks if they get uploaded. + I can skip parts that don’t interest me.

Combined with this forum I think the community is globally well connected.