What if I just want some functions of Meteor? (Create mobile apps specifically)


I’m new to Meteor, here is my situation: I have an existing website, front end written in Angular 1 (Moving to Angular 2), backend is a REST service (Parse, moving to Backendless). All I want to do is package them into an iOS and an android app to distribute on app store. I don’t need the DDP feature provided by Meteor (which is an awesome feature and I can’t wait to try it on my next project). I probably don’t need the framework aspect of Meteor either. I have a very simple nodejs server does 2 things: serves the static file and proxy frontend traffic to backend Parse service.

Is it possible to just use Meteor to generate the mobile apps? Is there anything else that does this? I know Cordova and Ionic, but they seems to be coming from the mobile app side first instead of dealing with existing mobile friendly website. They probably need me to create a branch dedicated for them.

Basically I’m looking for something that can take an angular powered mobile friendly website and wrap it into a mobile app. Anyone know if Meteor is the right thing or should I use something else?

Thank you very much!