What if we develop a complete package of Markdown (Similar to Ghost.org)?


I think the editor that Ghost has implemented is not only beautiful, but elegant. There are implementations of it for Meteor and plain HTML/JS/CSS
but they don’t really work. I mean they work without Meteor, but the ones designed for Meteor dont work out of the, plus the probelm of fixing th css.

So, maybe we could develop a full-stack Markdown editor, the one shown on ghost.org, and publish it as a package, so that, all you have to do is
initialize it and it just works. Enter the template name, and boom, the page is converted to an editor.


+1. Have a look at ghostdown, that is aiming at a similar goal.


Also have a look at xolvio:md-blog


I have postList, and EveryPost has its own id and a button which goes to the editpost page, which is using the ghostdown package, and pre-populates it with values stored in the collection.

RIght now, I am using Iron Router to pass theid of the post on click, and then passing values using {{ }} syntax.

But, since I am using {{> GhostEditor}}, I cannot prepopulate it with value provided by the Posts.helpers.

How can this be achieved?

The problem is simple:

Posts Collection has both the markdown and the html.

When edit is pressed, Both title and Body value(markdown) should be passed and pre-populated on the editor page.

GhostEditor, preappending values