What is a <dbname> in Mongo_url to connect meteor

so sorry for my ignorant question, but im really new to meteor, and still tryina figure everything out. so I want to connect my app to galaxy hosting, and to do that I got a Mongo_url. But the thing is I dont know what a dbname is, and I dont know what to repalce it with in my app. I just tried to put it in the way it was, and it didnt work. so i replaced it with “meteor” like this:

mongodb+srv://abidmir:<password>@cluster0.6fk1x.mongodb.net/Meteor(<dbname>, did not accually put this, just left the meteor part)?retryWrites=true&w=majority

but it didnt work, and I figured it was probably because I didnt put in the proper thing. I would really appreciate any help!

dbname = database name or the name of the database you created on your database hosting service

Im sorry for my ignorance, but what would that be for me, Im using meteor, and Im using atlas for the mongo. Im confused what my dbname would be.

Hi Did you create a collection in the Mongodb atlas interface first, that creates the database to hold the collection I recall.

there should be something in collections

yea I figured out I needed to do that, but when I did and tried to replace the “dbname” with the new database I had created, my app did not deploy.

Hi Have you connected using mongo cli so far ok?

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yea, still the deployment seems too fail. im really starting to loose hope now, super confused.

Maybe if you send the cli command that works and the connection string that doesn’t?
You could replace the names consistently for privacy.

  • have you connected to the Atlas DB from your local host dev machine?

  • whitelisted the right ipaddress on your server (outbound)?