What is an efficient way to check checkboxes based on the result set of a MongoDB query?

I need to read values from a MongoDB Collection and then check the checkboxes in a Template based on a field in the Document which matches the value of a checkbox.

I populate the Template with the checkboxes like so:

    <div id="seljoblocs" name="seljoblocs">
      {{#each jobLocs}}
        <input type="checkbox" value={{jl_jobloc}}><label>{{jl_jobloc}}</label>

Here is the Template’s “jobLocs” Helper:

jobLocs: function() {
  return JobLocations.find({}, {
    sort: {
      jl_jobloc: 1
    fields: {
      jl_jobloc: 1

When I display the Template and make a selection from an input select element:

    'change #selworker': function(event, template) {
        var workerid = template.find('#selworker').value;
        // TODO: Add code to query Collection and then check the appropriate checkboxes

…I need to query that collection something like this:

Meteor.publish("workersJobLocsLookupByWorker", function (workerid) {
    return WorkersJobLocsLookup.find( {wjllu_workerid: workerid}, {fields: {wjllu_jobloc}});

…so that it only returns the appropriate joblocs for a particular worker.

Then, with those returned Document field values, I want to check the appropriate checkboxes (where wjllu_jobloc == the checkboxes’ value).

How can I do that, especially seeing that, since the checkboxes are dynamically added (one checkbox for each Document in the WorkersJobLocsLookup Collection), they do not have id or name vals?