What is best practice for a module that requires expensive processing during build

I had a need to use geoip-lite because the client didn’t want to pay for the api that could do it (approximate location of ip address with decent accuracy). The module itself is easy to npm i like anything else. However, it requires an initial script to be run to fetch and process the data which can take a few minutes (like 5) to do. I only want to do this once. Of course, meteor build --directory and npm i production will do the job but then you have to still run the dang script. Not being a patient man, I added a build step after the bundle is built to cp the data from the source directory. Much faster. I tried installing the thing as a global module but I could never get it to load that way. I looked at npm link but that didn’t seem to work properly either. Is there a better way to deal with this?