What is currently the best option for using PostgreSQL with meteor?

I am wondering if anyone has experience with using PostgreSQL with meteor, and what the best way of doing it is? I know there are at least two packages numtel:pg and Meteor-Postgres and I am wondering which is better and if there are any key differences in how they work or their speed? In general if anyone has any relevant data on ether method or any other methods of using Meteor and PostgreSQL please share.

also do ether allow use of non reactive queries/publish-functions or the uses of both mongodb and PostgreSQL at the same time.

Both options are old and were replaced by better and new forks / generations:

numtel:pg was replaced by Postgres Packages,
and Meteor-Postgres was forked by Endy Kaufman, who fixed (among other things) its main showstopper - SQL injection hole.

Anyway, your question is relevant more than ever.

Can anybody compare both options, with the advantages of each option?


Postgres packages would seem like the way to go since they come from MDG members. The client-side implementation is also a lot lighter than the other one which uses alasql.

Thank you very much!
Is it already useable?

I’m a total newbie, want to learn Meteor and haven’t tried any of these two options yet, but all of the disclaimers (especially regarding Postgres Packages) made me afraid of using it.
I depend on PostgreSQL support, and wonder if it’s safe to jump on the bandwagon of Meteor, when people in the forums warn that this package is not going to be completed soon.

Thanks again!

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