What is Meteor missing?

What, if anything, is missing from Meteor. Share your thought or ideas here…

I feel like a lot of what Meteor is missing now is starting to be resolved. Things like the data issue, slow builds, testing scene, etc.


Although excited to learn what people want after that!


More merchandise! Stickers for everyone! :slight_smile:

But other than that - Apollo beta as soon as possible. I’d be all for MDG to focus on Apollo to bring it fast just like they focused on Galaxy before.

I see Apollo as too big of a game changer to procrastinate it in order to focus of other, less crucial things.


I agree. getting the first version of Apollo out should be the priority. And leveraging that with React Native integration would be awesome.


As a starter, everything was rainbows and unicorns for me until I have to deal with reactive relational data. (Which might seem like a trivial matter for seniors and should be dealt with lower level operations.)

A short while after learning Meteor it felt like I left alone to deal with it. Of course there are some recommended solutions here and there and packages like publish-composite exists but still, I think it is discouraging for starters to face with such a problem right after starting to learn Meteor and not being able to find a solid answer. I think this an important issue and Meteor needs an dependable, easy to use, a built-in solution.

Edit: I wasn’t tracking Meteor news nowadays but I just watched a video about Apollo, and if I not misunderstood, it will gonna fix that problems i mentioned. And the more I learn about it I can see that there are more exciting stuffs waiting for us. Looks like Meteor will become a more flexible, (thus, may be more beginner-friendly) environment.


And that’s thankfully one of the issues Apollo will get rid of. Though personally I’m much bigger fan of denormalizing than joins and denormalizing right now is easy. :slightly_smiling:

I would really love a “Galaxy” with a hosting choice. So it would be more like an management tools where I can add my own VPS systems, manage their Meteor instances and scale/monitor my whole app (against a monthly fee, f.e. managing 3 servers á 20$ …).

I would like new patterns (meteor guide) adapted to 1.3, react, testing…
On the galaxy front, i would wish for galaxy to take care of the DB hosting part also.


http://guide.meteor.com/v1.3 :wink: It’s not finished yet, but still interesting.


Especially for developer subscriptions, this would be really useful.

Things I don’t like in meteor right now:

  • Node.js version is just to old… (is scheduled for 1.3.x as far as i know)
  • There’s no official integration with web-components/polymer.
  • There’s no (unhackish)way to use web-workers. (there’s already a ticket on github)
  • If you’ve a high traffic landing page, you’re basically forced to use some 3th party tool to serve it(a lot of people use wordpress/jeykell and stuff like that).
  • The infrastructure is perfect for SPAs, but simple things like “changing the color scheme for a specific user” is basically impossible. The css combining is just to automagic for me.
  • There are a lot of really cool packages, but you have to dig trough hills of garbage to find them.

This is not meant to be a rant - just the things which came to me mind when thinking about: “what could be better”. I really love working with meteor and I’m confident that 1.3 will bring incredible improvements.


There are many packages at atmospherejs.com which doesn’t work or doesn’t work as they say - It will be good to have a quality check there.

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An DDP spec update that addresses streaming historical data would be awesome!

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  • continuous integration/deployment
  • isomorphic editor
  • official gridfs support
  • offline support (both network and database)
  • integrated electron/desktop builds
  • near field communications

I’ve been getting many requests for managing on-site infrastructures recently. So +1 for an enterprise version of Galaxy that can be installed on people’s Virtual Private Clouds, private datacenters, etc.

+1 for DDP improvements. At least break out the packages into their own repositories so they can be looked at independently, like Blaze?


I’d love to see a React Native integration in there. Would really open up a lot more things that could be built without having too many different setups.


I think this (or something similar) would be worth pursuing. If mdg is interested in drawing in the hobbyist/beginner crowd, then I think fs makes sense. Setting up a bucket on s3 doesn’t make sense for every project, and I think that this is one of the major hurdles that newer meteor users probably have a big issue with.


Not just the hobbyist/beginner crowd. Also companies involved in video editing, animation studios, audio playlists, internet radio, radiology, laboratory micrography, pathology, genomics labs, etc. etc.


True, I did oversimplify the group of users who could really benefit from this!

i have an idea:
can meteor simplier support with pagination ?
one sample is Laravel.
they have simple way to send pagination object from server to client.
totalItems: xxx,
last_page: 5,
data: [{…}]
and with React we can simple handle pagination component.
i think that will perfect !

Re: stickers for everyone!
Meteor Stickers: https://www.stickermule.com/user/1070686190/stickers
Apollo Stickers: https://www.stickermule.com/user/1070721789/stickers