What is Meteor's TypeScript status?

What is the current level of Meteor compatibility with TypeScript?

I’m trying to refactor my TypeScript Node project to Meteor 1.4 and running into trouble resolving meteor packages. For example, in my main.ts file, I want to access either the webapp package or iron:router package (both added), but my IDE (WebStorm 2016.3/Mac) refuses to find them installed so can’t use them. I’m obviously a confused as I am able to access other meteor packages via import. Clearly a number of core package definitions are available, just not all. But I’m also unsure how to require/import packages I add with “meteor add …”. I’m sure it’s pilot error, but not sure why non-default packages I add are not resolving.

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You need to create definitions for such packages yourself.

It’s faster to create definitions only for the functions you actually use.

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