What is MUP? Differences between that and meteor command?

I may be looking in the wrong places, so I’m curious if someone can tell me what MUP is or where to read about it? I’m running a Meteor app on an AWS instance and I’m simply doing meteor --port 80 and everything works just fine. As part of a research project I want to deploy my app with Let’s Encrypt. Using MUP seems like the way to do this, but I’m not exactly sure what MUP is. I thought it stood for Meteor UP, but I think I’m wrong about that. Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction?

you can read this https://github.com/arunoda/meteor-up/tree/mupx

Thanks for the response. I ended up finding that, and was able to get mupx up and running with Let’s Encrypt on AWS. Thanks!

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