What is the best CI automation tool for Meteor mobile apps?

Hello guys, I have been using Fastlane with Jenkins to build my Meteor mobile apps but I created this more than one year ago in my previous company and maybe we have a better way now.

In this solution with Jenkins I run a slave node on Mac in Cloud and use Fastlane there to build and delivery to Google Play and App Store.

I would like to know what are you using? I have seen solutions like bitrise but I’m not sure if they work well with Meteor build.

Additional nice to have, on my current company we build many apps, one per client, then would be nice if we could automatize the whole process, even the first submission to Apple. I don’t know if that is possible because in my previous company we did the first one manually.


I have successfully used the gitlab pipeline for meteor server builds and deploys.

It could be used for binary builds too, because it can have distributed runners on any platform.
After you open the xcode project, you could automate the build and deploy process using Apple Automator or something similar. Not sure if you can do this from command line, though.

Just the same: Gitlab CI + fastlane in a mac mini

Yes, Fastlane does. I would like some way easier but seems like we don’t have it yet.

Nice, that should be very similar to my setup with Jenkins. Thank you :slight_smile:

We still do manual upload for the first submission. Not sure if there is any way around this to get which project to upload to.

We also have to do some manual final steps (a few clicks in app store connect) to submit the uploaded apps by fastlane either in test flight or as itunes build. Have you found any way to automate these last few steps?

Yes, except the first submission but I never tried maybe it’s also possible.

I’ll probably work again on this over the next weeks and I can post updates and how I do here then maybe you can improve your process.

Thanks for your feedback :wink:

I have successfully setup CI using SemaphoreCI, following this tut https://medium.com/@sbr464/how-to-continuous-integration-for-meteor-galaxy-using-semaphore-ci-8bcd73b6bc9d