What is the best CMS Package available?

I have gone through different available CMS Packages. But none of them seems to be working. The ones which are working have very less features. Could you please provide your views on the available CMS Packages? I might have missed something.

Sanjay Kumar

From my point of view, there is none yet. OrionJS is a good starter for a CMS but currently it is a framework and admin backend.

We have started internally to build a CMS (mangement and views) on top of that stack but it is on a very early stage right now.

Looking forward to other replies, maybe we missed something also.


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Thanks Tom. Thanks for your message.

Is it possible to share more details about the CMS Package that you are developing internally? Details like what all features it’s going to have, what is tentative initial launch date etc?

Hi we are using Drupal for many years and build up some numbers of web solutions. All the time we didn’t need the full stack of available modules and functions and so we made up our SIGMA :: Drupal. The main target is on backend and on content editing and so it is with our POV. We want to have:

  • Easy and realtime parallel content editing
  • Node based content (like Drupal) (Text, Files, Images in on place)
  • Tools to scale and crop images from within the editor
  • Publishing workflow and revisioning
  • Content versioning
  • Semantic content
  • Node Relations
  • Url aliasing
  • Staging and deploying

That is just from a short scribble and there are some other points on the wish list.

We haven’t defined any launch date yet but we are going to run some first pages until end of this year by this ecosystem (we named it OMEGA).


Thanks Tom. Thanks for sharing the good news @tomfreudenberg

We have created an Open Source CMS. It’s in its early stages - It can be checked at https://github.com/DeligenceTechnologies/Panoplycms

Currently working on its next version where every functionality is a separate package which will also allow other contributors to contribute. At that time - we’ll release it as a Meteor Package.

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@tomfreudenberg - Any news on the CMS Package that you were planning/working?

@deligence1 sorry not yet - as said, its not our main focus currently so investment was too low

I am thinking about doing similar to orionjs, but in react using https://github.com/vazco/uniforms/ or similar.

Idea is to provide a fast way for basic CRUD-actions on Collections.

I think a content management Framework on meteor would be awesome to add content-management-functionalities to webapps.

Whether to use meteor or a cms for your project depends on what you want to achieve. If its a typical cms-page with a lot of content with a lot of pages and typical authoring-processes like publish and so on, then you should use one of the well-known cms (drupal, magnolia, wordpress maybe, …).

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Thanks @tomfreudenberg. Thanks for the update.

We have released Panoply CMS. It can be seen from https://atmospherejs.com/deligencetechnologies/