What is the Best CMS(scalable and extendable) system Built with MeteorJS?

Hi All,

i am new in MeteorJS, and i do a little research on existing CMS system on MeteorJS, i see that packages/frameworks:

  1. https://github.com/yogiben/meteor-admin
  2. https://github.com/orionjs/orion
  3. https://github.com/gterrono/houston
  4. https://github.com/mcrider/azimuth
  5. http://www.telescopeapp.org/
  6. etc ??

my purpose: To Build A CMS system(not a post and comments but something similar) with an authentication and admin panel that will managed on Role And User + Section Managment by role.

My Question:
What is the Best CMS system that exist today, with best community and project/package that are customize and extensible?

Thanks Guys!

Currently developing my own CMS. After looking into other solutions. I decided to roll my own using roles/meteor-admin/text-editable/text-transactions/FS-Collection.

Gives you different user roles.
Manager, Users, Admin

Admin dashboard allows creation of new pages.
Admins and managers can edit anything straight on those pages using text-wyiswg.

FS collection is used for uploads to add images/documents to posts.

I’m about 50% done with it. I was using materializecss,but ran into many bugs with the UI, eg) file dropper wouldn’t work. UL and LI were screwy. You can find my post on StackOverflow.

can u give me a link to your stakoverflow suggestion?

as far as i understand u suggest to build my own CMS system with existing packages/modules, and NOT use existing CMS meteorJS?