What is the best implementation of payment on mobile app throught Atos SIPS



i’m working on a mobile app (thanks to meteor) that will allow user to buy products. The owner of the company has decided to work with Mercanet, this is an implementation of Atos SIPS payment system. The way it works is really “old school” :

  • when you validate the basket, there is a server call that will get all params and send them to an executable and it will generate a webpage with all available cards. The customer will click on a card which will in fact validate the form and do a POST HTTP request to the bank website.
  • so the user is now redirected on the bank website where he needs to fill the credit card info (or cancel the transaction).
  • when the user validate or cancel, it stays on the bank website with a confirmation message
  • Then he can exit to the merchant website

I never did payment on mobile so i don’t really see how to manage this.
I’m going to test on a micro app to check if redirection works well in a Cordova app. But if it’s ok (an i hope so) how can i manage correctly the coming back on original url ? In fact the user should return to its app, not on a url. I don’t understand this.

has anyone has already face this ?


Issue is that the payment provider should redirect to //meteor.local/someurl. That’s really a guess, you could just try this. Create a simple html page which redirects you. I am not sure whether you will receive a security warning on that.

Alternative might be to link them to an external browser. There they fix it. And then when back on your web app you link back to the app (by using a custom url path).


Yes i thought to use a server-side only route that would send a 301 redirect (i’m going to test that behaviour).

For the alternative, i’m new to cordova so i have to find documentation on how to run an external browser and how to come back to the app.