What is the best stack to user for Meteor Mobile App Development


Hey guys, I am looking into developing a mobile app in addition to the desktop version of my site, was looking around the best stack for this.

This would be my first time, just want to know what everyone use for their Meteor stack, what is the pro and con, what front end stack is the best to use to create a naive feeling but reserved most of the goodies from Meteor (Reactivity…etc)

Thanks guy


meteoric (meteor ionic) is a quick way to get a basic looking mobile app with list views, cards, side swipe menus etc.
you might want to look at famous-views if you want something a bit more unique, original with full-screen animation transitions, and have a bit more time to tweak it.


ya, it seems like the favourite from what I have read is meteoris and famous, but was wondering if there is more!


Here is a recent post about fwk7 : Best material design package for meteor - Materialize.css vs Polymer
I didn’t know this one but their webpage looks cool