What is the best way to do file uploads and store on S3 for meteor 2.0?

Looking to see what the best package/method is out there right now for both drag and drop and selection file uploads and to store on S3. This would include a multi-file upload.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

To upload the file from client to s3 (bypassing your meteor server): GitHub - TTLabs/EvaporateJS: Javascript library for browser to S3 multipart resumable uploads

Drag and drop: check for existing components for your chosen front-end


This looks like exactly what I am looking for. Thank you

Will check this out today.

I’m still using Meteor Slingshot

It’s quit old, but still works perfectly fine, and integrates nicely into Meteor: It also bypasses the server ( so direct client to AWS), but keeps metadata in sync on your Meteor server collection