What is the best way to make a Meteor app be a backend for a native mobile app?

I know that Meteor can use PhoneGap/Cordova etc to bundle into a hybrid app, but what is the best way to expose your app for a mobile client?

Say you built a simple real time chat Meteor app like many of the tutorials out there. If you want to develop a native mobile app with your Meteor app as the backend, what would be the best way? Create a REST api? Use something like socket.io? Or what?

I’m starting to build a React Native app at the moment, using Meteor as a back-end.

You can use react-native-meteor for setting up a Meteor connection for authentication, real-time messages, … It connects to the meteor server you specify over DDP.

At the same time you can use the front-end web-part of your meteor-app as an admin-page if you want.

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This is more geared towards actual native, Java/Kotlin android app and objc/swift ios app.

https://github.com/siegesmund/SwiftDDP this is what we use and it works great. Easy to implement. Let’s you call Meteor methods and subscribe to publications etc.