What is the code splitting package supporting Meteor 1.10 or above

Sorry, my english is not good

In Metro 1.8.3 and Apollo client 2, you can use react loadable to implement SSR. When you upgrade to meteor 1.10.1 and Apollo client 3, an error will be reported when you deploy to the server,

I also tried npdev react loadable, which also reported an error

The latest loadable components need to be configured with webback, which seems to be impossible to implement in meteor, so I can’t try

Now it’s completely stuck. Which react loadable should I use to implement SSR after meteor 1.10 or above and Apollo client 3

Thank you very much for any help

What did you do when upgrading to Apollo client 3?
What is the error?

You can try to visit www.jimuku.com. The error is in console.log


This is my code


hi, I think this lot library, may let you can know where the problem is,

develop when there is no problem, but would be an error after deployment,
deployment in the docker, using ubuntu 18.04, nodejs 12.16.1

Tweaked a few details, miraculously fixed, but I don’t know why