What is the current/best package for uploading and image to S3

Hi there folks.

It’s 2017 already and a lot of the packages I’ve seen for uploading to S3 are really old. So, I thought I’d ask what people are using.

https://atmospherejs.com/edgee/slingshot - Latest commit on Mar 15, 2016
https://atmospherejs.com/lepozepo/s3 - Latest commit on Feb 13 (I’m guessing 2017) - So, maybe this one isn’t so bad…

I’m using Meteor and React (removed Blaze already, with a tear in my eye)

A progress bar would be fantastic too if anyone has one of those working (Particularly in React)

I just thought this was worth some discussion here.

Any suggestions?

Dang, it looks like https://github.com/Lepozepo/S3 really has everything I need - and it’s current. Sorry to create a topic for nothing. I’ll go ahead and leave this here, but it looks like Lepozepo has the goods.

Slingshot is working great for me personally, no issues at all. Most of the open issues on github seem to be feature requests are questions.

If you need server-side uploading I would use the official AWS SDK npm package.

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