What is the current state of testing with Cucumber + Chimp in Meteor

The title says it all.

I come across this guide: http://www.mhurwi.com/tutorial-test-driven-development-with-meteor-cucumber-chimp
An I thought it was great! My only question to start implementing this approach is that I don’t know if this is still a good/viable method to develop BDD after the latest Meteor releases.

Thanks in advance

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Why? I don’t see a connection with BDD and recent Meteor releases. We do use it (with chimp) and it works for us.
I do have to note that I’ve been working on chimp with the xolvio guys, so I might be biased. :slight_smile:

I’m honestly curious about your line of thinking, please do share.

It was just an open question. I just checked out the date of this particular guide and, as Meteor has released some mayor updates I just thought I needed to be sure. I did’t want to do the whole homework of checking the release notes if there are people who’s already done it.

Thanks for your answer! I think we will implement this kind of BDD for our project.

Yup, everything still working great @jjgumucio!

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