What is the difference between Angular and Blaze?


on the meteor website I stumbled across the following sentence:

In fact, the official Meteor tutorial is already available in both Blaze and Angular editions

so I was wondering, what is the different between Blaze and Angular?

I believe Blaze is one of the core parts of Meteor, responsible for live-updating the user interface.


Why do you want to know the differences? I think it’s hard to compare Blaze and Angular because Angular is a frontend framework that has solutions for a lot more concerns than Blaze (see here for Angular.JS features).
When you just compare the part of Angular that solves the concern that Blaze solves (I call it reactive rendering) then the main difference is that Angular uses a view model for data.
I suggest that you try both for at least an hour to get a feel for the differences. If you are a Meteor newbie I would suggest that you first master Meteor before you start with Angular.

Also good to read: http://angular-meteor.com/manifest