What is the future of Atmosphere, the Blaze package portal?

As Percolate Studio has been acquired by MDG, Atmosphere, the package portal of Blaze, was under control of MDG. As MDG depreciated Blaze, the question is what is the future of Atmosphere? It is a serious question.

Atmosphere is the “package portal” for Meteor, not Blaze. Blaze is just one package of many.


Why would the deprecation of Blaze affect Atmosphere?

There is a misunderstanding here.
Atmosphere is the Meteor package portal.
It is not only for Blaze.
Actually, many packages published on Atmosphere have nothing to do with Blaze.

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Atmosphere can clean all inactive packages of Blaze just like Bank closes your account after 1 yr inactive. Or move all of them to depreciated catalog, .etc. Or have 7 years warranty no change.

More and more folks are moving to React. Most of the React ecosystem is on npm. Npm is truly enabled in Meteor by webpack. As this transition occurs, all the Blaze packages on Atmosphere and all the packages that are just wrappers around npm modules will just drop away. I don’t know what that number is but its probably a huge chunk of Atmosphere.


Webpack is a npm package. It is a loading balance package and most likely to be added into new Meteor. It can support both React and Blaze. So far React was supported in Meteor but not Blaze. That means the future meteor version is hard to compatible with Blaze. All current Blaze packages will not be compiled and run on new Meteor version? Without these packages what are the benefits to use Blaze anymore? The future of Atomsphere is becoming Meteor/React portal in fact?

Hmm, I am nearly not using atmosphere packages. Most of them are outdated, have no github link ,
no or a bad documentation.

Its very hard to find a suitable package their and this problem will increase with the release of meteor 1.3

Would be great to hear from MDG if they plan to do some changes to atmosphere or if the future of
meteor package is npm

And which of these traits doesn’t describe npm package environment in your opinion?

It’s the community who manages Atmosphere database. Nobody will add Github link or documentation for somebody else. Especially when documentation is grabbed through Github API.

Are your sure? Who has the copy of Atmosphere database? MDG acquired Atmosphere site and entire business. Today it proved that my concern of the Atmosphere is right. Even if MDG move all future package system to NPM, it has no interest to loose Atmosphere control to community.

Yeah, and Twitter write tweets for its users, after all it’s Twitter who owns the database. Also, let’s not forget, Youtube produces movies for its users.

It’s not and it was never meant to.

I think we talked different things. Individual user of Twitter own its own contents. But all user’s database is owned by Twitter company. Atmosphere is a portal of Meteor packages that was owned by MDG. Individuals can update his contents but only limited his own.

And that’s the very reason many packages on Atmosphere have no github link or documentation. Their owners don’t care for it. It’s no different for npm environment, there’s plenty of npm packages with no docs. Nobody on Atmosphere on npmjs.com will take care of that for the users.

It was already stated by @sashko on this forum that Atmosphere is not going anywhere and it’s still going to be a go to place for many Meteor related packages that need to take care both of client and server side.

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@charliecl, please stop trolling.

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Who is trolling? If Atmosphere is inactive, a tag “depreciated” or other words can be tagged on the Web site. Or an official statement can be declared in public. Not everybody read the forum everyday.

Nobody did any official statement because there is nothing to state, Atmosphere is doing fine and is here to stay with us.

Again, please stop trolling and misleading people.

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