What is the latest (STABLE) release of 1.3 to use in Win 7?

meteor create --release 1.3-beta 12 or
meteor create --release 1.3-modules-beta 12 ?

and why is it taking long time for

Downloading meteor-tool@1.1.13-beta.1… (progress bar spinning for ages)

is it actually doing something or it simply can’t be found? It does not really show because meteor/meteor/releases does not shown what is the latest (STABLE) version to use???

The download has taken upwards of 20 mins in the past for me. We are using the final version of 1.3 (not a beta) on Windows and it’s working fine for us, but I know others have been having issues.

Hi @tomRedox

How did you create the meteor app in Win 7? I created Meteor app in Intellij Pycharm with Meteor plugin from Intellij so not sure which version of Meteor Intellij used. I guess the best thing is not to create in Pycharm, but to first create on command line with

meteor create --release 1.3-modules-beta.8

and then open the created project else in the relevant IDE.

But you mentioned you didnt use beta, so I am not sure how you managed to create a 1.3 Meteor app that runs perfectly in Win 7?

I already had Meteor 1.2 installed, so I’ve just did meteor update --release 1.3.

I originally installed 1.2 following the instructions here: http://guide.meteor.com/#quickstart. I assume those instructions will now install 1.3 as it is the current version.

But Meteor 1.3 crashes in Win 7. Hence I needed to update to

meteor update --release 1.3-modules-beta.8

And even this version I am not sure whether it will crash or not in Win?

I’m running 1.3 on Windows 7 without problem. I just did meteor update on top of 1.2.1.