What is the Meteor way to change the URL without refreshing the page or adding to history?

So I have a web app at the moment which stores the state in the URL. So basically, every time any input on the page changes (eg. textbox changes), I will change the value in the query string.

I can do this by doing this something like this

window.history.replaceState("", "", "/test?textbox1=1");

This works fine but just wondering if there was a “Meteor” way to do this? Like some sort of Router.changeURL Iron-router command?

With FlowRouter you can also use replace state:

FlowRouter.withReplaceState(function() {
  FlowRouter.setParams({id: "the-id-1"});
  FlowRouter.setParams({id: "the-id-2"});
  FlowRouter.setParams({id: "the-id-3"});

Not sure if IronRouter supports it.

ah that looks nice and simple.

i’m on iron-router though.