What is the name of the default user publication?

I am trying to implement Meteor connectivity on Apple platforms natively. The DDP library I am using does not intercept the first add message Meteor sends after login, containing basic user information (like username and profile).

However, I can subscribe to publications before doing the login. So I am wondering what the name of the default publication is which sends this initial user data? Or is it just an arbitrary add message the server sends as part of the login procedure?

Thanks. So it is an unnamed publication and I can’t subscribe to it explicitly.

I believe it can be overriden by publishing ‘currentUser’ publication.

Thanks. I dug a bit deeper in the network traffic and realized that this initial publication sometimes delivers old data. For instance, if I delete a property in the user’s profile field, this value will still be there if I reload the page - although the value isn’t in the database anymore. Is there anything caching these values?