What is the now standard DO setup with SSL?


I have spent the last two days struggling to get my Meteor app deployed to Digital Ocean. Don’t get me wrong I have had this app deployed there now for a couple years but the app was sitting at Meteor 1.2 so I started to do the upgrades. I am at 1.3 now and want to setup Digital Ocean with SSL and docker but every tutorial I use seems to be either too old and doesn’t see to work now with upgraded MUP packages or just doesn’t work at all. I have tried 4 different methods and none have worked.

The closest i have gotten is getting the server setup and using SSL and MUP to upload the app to docker but then somehow the docker is not being served up only the default Nginx webpage.

So I have exhausted my google searching and hope that one of you know of a tutorial that is current that will get my app deployable and viewable using Digital Ocean, LetsEncypt SSL and Docker using MUP.

Crossing fingers.


I used to deploy with mup before, and tried dokku. It’a a “mini heroku”. dokku - much better in my opinion. Very straight forward, alot of plugins you simply deploy your app with git push, easy as pie! Dokku supports letsencrypt, mongo … and alot other techs.
Old guide, but it will get you started.


Use one click installer @ DO, to install dokku.


I gave up on mup (… now that should be a country song!)

Tried the manual install and it’s working. I didn’t use Docker though :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested in some instructions (docker-less).


That does look handy but the tutorial lacks the required SSL that I need
moving forward with my app.



I would be very interested in the instructions that you are using. Been a
frustrating weekend trying to get this all up and running.


It just so happens that I will be setting up a droplet tonight. I will post my steps as I go.


Letsencrypt readme


My app is deployed on DO with SSL but not through Docker.

SSL through a “normal” server is relatively simple, just upload the required files and add the config to Nginx or Apache.

What does your Apache or Nginx config look like?


I created a Gist of my steps. i hope it helps.