What is the ServiceConfiguration package for?


Is it always needed for implementing third party logins?
what is it for?


Yes it is needed for configuring third-party logins. All the services use the package as a dependency under the hood.

Using ServiceConfiguration directly is optional, as accounts-ui will notify and prompt you to configure each service if you haven’t already.
If you aren’t using accounts-ui I believe you will need to use ServiceConfiguration directly

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It is a lot easier to code the login and signup by hand without accounts-ui, useraccounts:bootstrap and
Official doc does not mention anything about ServiceConfiguration

It was inside accounts in the past. Maybe this part of the doc needs to be updated.

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Docs explain server configuration here:

But it could definitely be clearer

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Thanks for the link, that is what I needed.
Linking that page from the guide would be great.
I am using the todos app as guide too and it does not use service-configuration

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