What is the state of the art for deploying Meteor to AWS?


The most recent guide I know of is this one: https://themeteorchef.com/tutorials/how-to-deploy-a-meteor-application-to-aws-elastic-beanstalk

But I gotta say, it’s not exactly a fast or friendly experience. Is MUP still a thing? Is there a better way? Docker?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I have never had problems with MUP and deploying to Azure, AWS, or even droplets. The new version uses Docker now as the platform so it bundles it together on your server.



just wait for this mup plugin when its finally delivered…


Hm so wait; @boxxa says they use it already, what would the plugin do differently? Autoscaling?


Please see my post here: My departing gift from Meteor: Ubuntu Production Script

You can get hosted on AWS tonight :slight_smile:


I just use theirs nodes to deploy to so its essentially a VM. I configure the rest manually.


I’ve created a script to deploy meteor with OpsWoks, so it will all be automatically done without any concerns. I’ve used pm2 and pm2-meteor with chef in order to make it work :slight_smile: