What is the status of "This site is loading." and how can I avoid it?


I have an app (http://mimiaka.meteor.com) in meteor.com.
It had been working well yesterday and is working well in local environment but today my app suddenly shows

This site is loading.
Retrying in X seconds.

What is happening and how can I run my app correctly?



Your app works well. Since it is hosted on Meteor servers (provided for free by Meteor Development Group), your app will be shut down after several minutes of inactivity. If you open your website and you see this “your website is loading” message, just refresh the page after a couple of seconds, Meteor hosting is starting your app after the shut down.

If you don’t want your app to get shut down after inactivity, you can host it yourself somewhere else or on your own server.

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Thank you for your explanation.
Now my site began to work well!

hi, that’s understandable that on free servers are apps stopped after some period of inactivity. But when I try to reach my app, it sometimes takes more that hour than app is up again. Is there any way how to check that app is starting or not? Or another way how to wake it up?

You can check by looking at the logs meteor logs mysite.meteor.com

Probably I’m impatien. Logs say Server started, then loading of favicon every few seconds, but page is still not available after more than 15 minutes.

I haev a similar problem. The site loads up very slowly

Recently, I had a different problem.
No “loading” message, but paging loading time was very, very long.

I deployed my app again, then the problem disappeared.

I can not complain it because it is free.
I want reasonable personal plans on Galaxy^^

In the meantime, you can get a $5 /month hosting plan at digital ocean and deploy using meteor-up. Once set up it is pretty much as easy as meteor deploy.

Agree works great with MupX the most recent version of it. Also other providers like Modulus are a good option.