What is the support on Galaxy? My ticket is open > 24h

That’s a little vague, care to elaborate?

Facebook and GoDaddy are both online businesses - that doesn’t mean they compete with one another. Galaxy is compute, Compose is database. I don’t think it’s that complex a concept to understand - they do not compete, they work hand in hand with one another.

I never said they compete with each other. I compared the customer service quality of three companies in the PaaS business for Meteor.

Sure you did.


Tell me about that time when you went out to buy a car, but because the customer service across the street was better, you bought a sofa instead. Galaxy doesn’t compete with Compose on customer service, Galaxy might compete with Modulus on customer service, but not Compose.

Regardless, I think we’re beating a dead horse now. If both sides have talked it out and understand each other, we probably shouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • You want better, faster customer service.
  • MDG wants to provide you with it - but not entirely free of charge.

When I contacted Compose, I got a response within two business days. That’s been my experience with MDG - and they’ll probably continue to improve in that area now that attention has been brought to it.

We should be good now.

I accept we have to pay more for better support.

But I think galaxy needs to consider investing in ts customer support and database services.

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