What is wrong with Atmosphere?


Hi, what’s wrong with Atmospherejs.com? For me it is quite dead. Stats of my packages aren’t updated since a long time. Also ‘Most used’ section is quite weird now. Has anyone experienced the same?

Atmosphere data

Have also noticed something’s wonky with the stats.


With regards to stats, there was an interesting discussion recently on another thread about the Atmosphere Score and how it works - @tmeasday mentioned this:

I’m not saying this is the issue you’re seeing, but this really helped clarify my understanding of Atmosphere downward trends.


no no, this is not the case, stats are just not updated since a very long time, I mean numbers. I don’t watch graphs at all :wink: personally for me they are useless :wink:


If we are embracing npm at 1.3 atmosphere’s role should change… I refer to github activity instead


The same problem with Atmosphere is back :wink: Just saying :wink:


So… Atmosphere has been down for several days, and no one’s commented on it– has it been shut down completely? Did I miss something? (new to Meteor, and lots of places, tutorials, etc. reference Atmosphere)


It’s up for me - if it was down for several days, people would definitely comment on it. Are you using https://atmospherejs.com/?


so weird, it’s loading for me now… bizarre. Witchcraft, I tell you. ok back to work now. Thanks!


But stats are dead for I-can’t-remember-how-long now :wink: