What makes the meteor apps become "faster" with MongoDB Oplog

Hi guys,

I’ve implemented the mongoDB with oplog (replication set).
Well like the other said it makes my apps a lot faster to show the data from DB.

But I still don’t understand what makes my apps become faster.

from the articel I read, it said “Meteor now knows how to read the MongoDB “operations log” — a special collection that records all the write operations as they are applied to your database. This means changes to the database can be instantly noticed and reflected in Meteor, whether they originated from Meteor or from an external database client.” -> source: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/wiki/Oplog-Observe-Driver

well I’m wondering, is there any correlation between “records all the write operations” and “changes to the database can be instantly noticed”??? I still don’t get to the point

is there anyone can explain for me the concept of this??

Thank you

Read this article - all will become clear: MongoDB Oplog and Meteor

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Thank you, I also compare your article with this: https://www.discovermeteor.com/blog/scaling-meteor-the-challenges-of-realtime-apps.

it also makes me more clear about the different between oplog and poll & diff.

thank u anyway