What MeteorJS content do you miss the most on YouTube?

This is just a super-qick survey to align our future content with the needs of the community. It would be awesome if as many people as possible can fill out the survey.

  • Up-to-date tutorials
  • Live coding a big app (Let’s code)
  • Understanding MeteorJS
  • Talks with guests from other frameworks (MeteorJS vs. XYZ)
  • Something else (comment)
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Thank you :pray:


With Youtube time stamps, Live Coding can easily include Up-to-date tutorials considering that this is video not document/page. Basically, tutorials are … live coding unless someone just shows a scrolling of the Meteor documentation.

I think something that could help a lot, and I see it plenty with NextJS, is live coding of specific cases:

  1. Do an infinit wall of feeds
  2. e-commerce
  3. filter products for e-commerce
  4. authentication (indeed)
  5. implement payment within a Meteor project
  6. web scrapping with Meteor
  7. microfrontends in Meteor
  8. microservices with Meteor
  9. IoT with Meteor
  10. Various front ends with Meteor.
  11. Design libraries (e.g MUI) with a front end in Meteor. This can show data pulling on a Autocomplete input fields, deal with checkmarks, document saving and implement PWA.
  12. Crypto wallet with Meteor
  13. AI with Meteor. For instance a case where the AI (volatile) stream of conversation is being backed up on a DB for future reference.

I personally like how Sonny builds his content https://www.youtube.com/@SonnySangha.
This platform also has beautifully structured materials for developers: Build & Deploy Movix Single Page Web Application with React & Redux | Full Course


Now, with Meteor 3, up-to-date tutorials make a lot of sense, as we now have to work more with async, and all the new things :raised_hands:


I was thinking it would be cool to do a live coding session for a big app and add timestamps for easy navigation. Afterward, break down the video into smaller, up-to-date tutorials.

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