What number of mongo connections is normal for you?

Hi all. I’m running

netstat -an | grep ESTABLISHED | grep 27017 | wc -l

on a 4-core machine and am seeing upwards of 750 established connections to the mongo server.

When I run

netstat -an | grep ESTABLISHED | grep -v 27017 | wc -l (basically excluding all mongo connections)

I see anywhere from 30-65 connections to our load balancer.

I’m curious if anyone else has tried this, and whether or not that ratio looks normal to them. I would expect the mongo driver to be reusing connections in the pool, and I suspect it is, but I’m still a bit wary. This seems to be a fairly large, disproportionate number of mongo connections given the relatively small number of connections (users) to the load balancer.

Thanks for any help!