What package Versions are included in Release 2.2?

I upgraded to Meteor 2.2, but when I look in my versions file I see:

Is this correct? How would I know?


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Hi @webrangerl Meteor locks the core package versions so you always run the correct versions.

As we don’t bump all the versions of all packages on every Meteor release many packages are not in the changelog as they don’t have any changes.

But you could open the tag on GitHub for 2.2 and check the content, for example, meteor package meteor/package.js at f9a098a03541718a8cfcddee1e5ff2ce9be9355a · meteor/meteor · GitHub

And just so you know, the package the defines the Meteor version is meteor-tools and not meteor :wink:

Thank you @filipenevola. I’d held off upgrading from 1.9.3 due to an issue with the upgrade and being in the middle of a prototype development. When I upgraded to 2.2 (surprised by how smoothly) and saw the 1.9.3, I guess I looked deeper and didn’t realize what I was looking at.