What self-hosted PaaS works well with Meteor?

I’ve been looking at moving an app to dedicated servers, as our load is very predictable, and there is no need for scaling automatically. However, I do like the niceties Heroku and Galaxy bring, like version rollbacks, git push deploys, and all that.

I’d like to use something like dokku, but across multiple servers. I want some basic things like resource usage metrics being collected for each container.

I’ve heard too many bad things about Flynn to try it. There’s tsuru too. I’d like something that can run across a single server as well though. And I’d like to host my other NodeJS and Python apps alongside it. This will be massive cost savings for us compared to other options.

What self-hosted PaaS have you tried and it worked well with Meteor?

Will it really be a huge cost saving, once you factor in man/dev hours including upkeep and initial engineering?

Yes, we’ve factored all that in. One of the main benefits that Galaxy provides, dynamic scaling, is not a benefit for us. We have access to managed hardware and it is basically an order of magnitude cheaper for us.

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Anyone used Meteor with Flynn?

may I ask: WHAT is Flynn?

https://flynn.io is their website. It’s a self-hosted PaaS.