What technologies are available to replace the functionality from Meteor?

I’ve recently tried HMR and now have this itch to migrate my app to the React build system + hot module replacement (the rebuild takes up to 2 seconds and I keep the app state, vs 8 to 10 seconds from Meteor with browser refresh).
Of course just adding an express server with mongodb wouldn’t be enough to replace Meteor.

So I’m wondering what other libraries would you recommend for the accounts system and to pub/sub to collections.

(Note: I’ve tried that tutorial to use Meteor with HMR, but it barely works and it’s too hacky for production).

I do wish the Meteor build and rebuild system was faster. It seems there is some work being done there to improve things (specifically, there is an effort to make it so it only re-builds the necessary side - server or client - when a file which is only used by one side or the other changes).

It would also be nice to have HMR, though I’ve found that problematic in my webpack projects, TBH.

As for losing your state data - if you store your state in a named ReactiveDict, you won’t lose your state data when the page refreshes (including at deployment). I’m actually working on a tool to help with that.

// this hook uses ReactiveDict behind the scenes
var [myPersistantState, setMyState] = useMeteorState('myComponentState', 'default value');

I’ll have that up soon - probably by tomorrow.