What test framework works best for Meteor?


Hi folks,

My team is starting a large project and want to get the testing right from Day One. It seems there’s a whole lot of options for testing in the JavaScript world, and not a lot of developer happiness

What test frameworks are people using with Meteor? and which make you happy to use them?

We’re using Blaze on the front-end with validated-methods, Simple-Schema Meteor-Files, and a local packages that house various sets of Blaze components.
Following the latest recommended imports structure for 1.6 etc

Initially looking at getting very good unit test coverage before adding integration tests as needed later

Do the Meteor testing frameworks (velocity, chimp, etc?) provide significant benefit over plain JS (jest, tape, etc?) ones?





meteor-testing looks cool. Can you provide a link to a sample app that uses it for some simple unit and integration tests? That would be really helpful.


Nightwatch.js still rocking since v0.6.5. We’ve walked Spark code to Blaze to React, without a hitch; tested across all the major hosting vendors (AWS, Azure, Rackspace), continuous integration support on Travis/Circle, etc.


We are using MochaJS with one Meteor + Blaze app and we love it.

There is some issue to write test cased for forms created with AutoForm - But overall MochaJS is good framework for testing.


All our projects are internal. However, I may be able to spend some time to put something together around simple-todos.


@robfallows Thanks, even just a single example of a unit test and integration test would be good enough to get me started. I want to add testing examples to meteor-application-template-react. In the past, I’ve used meteortesting:mocha, but would be interested in something better.