What testing platform should I use?

I am developing my app in TDD, and just wondering if meteor even has a stable testing platform that I should rely on?

Seems like sanjo:jasmine and velocity are no longer supported? Please enlighten me.


Meteor 1.3 has an official testing solution, which is both in the official tutorial and the Meteor Guide. Learn here:

Is there any reason behind using Mocha and Chai instead of Jasmine?

You can use any assertion library you like instead of chai, for now the best testing framework integrated with meteor is mocha.

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Thanks guys. I am a beginner in web development, and it seems like meteor had changed a lot since version 1.1 including the file structures. Now, I am confused :sweat_smile:

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Same here. When I first started using 1.3, it was super annoying to deal with all of the imports and exports. I kept on breaking my Meteor 1.2 app. Sure, the new syntax is not required. But I gave ES6 a chance.

Now I can’t not use it. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing explicit imports and exports.

Once you get used to the new file structure and import/export, you’ll love it. Now I silently facepalm when I have to deal with code where the dependencies are not made explicit.


yeah, I just ran through the React tutorial, and I am liking it so far!