What to do if you need a function both in javascript and as a template helper

Is this a good practice?

dictionaryLookup = function (lookupType, index) {
  var dict = ChartDictionary.findOne({"lookup_type": lookupType, "lookup_id": index});
  return dict.lookup_label;

Template.registerHelper('dictionaryLookup', function (lookupType, index) {
  return dictionaryLookup(lookupType, index);

This allows me to use dictionaryLookup as a javascript function when needed, and also to use dictionaryLookup as a template helper in my templates…

Reason being, I’m moving from building my own tables in the template with an EACH block, to using https://github.com/aslagle/reactive-table and I’m finding that things that used to be template helpers now need to be javascript functions.

Sounds like viewmodel would be solving this for you, you’d put your logic inside the viewmodel hand have it send its results to your table.

Yep, this is good practice, and you could probably write the registering like this :

Template.registerHelper('dictionaryLookup', dictionnaryLookup);

I thought I tried something like that earlier, but when I tried it now, it worked fine, thanks for the suggestion @vjau