What to do with 1.1 app

I know this will depend on the specific details of my code… but on average, would it behove people with a 1.1 app to port to 1.2 and then to 1.3? Or are 1.2 and 1.3 so different that we may as well jump right to 1.3?

Again, I know it’ll depend on specifics, but I’m wondering if 8/10 times a person in this position should just move to 1.3.

Also, would love to hear about what details/questions are playing into your answers (or would play into them).


1.3, so far, is only about ES6 modules, minor fixes and improvements, and potentially soon-to-come (re-)build time improvements. So there is nothing in 1.3 so far that begs the question “should I upgrade to it or not?”, which means if you’re going to upgrade, jump right to 1.3. Anything you’d have to change, so far, would only have to be because of 1.2 and not 1.3.

Again, this is the current state of things. Maybe when 1.3 is actually released there will be manual upgrading necessary, but for now there isn’t, in any way, shape or form.

I haven’t actually done any 1.1->1.2 upgrades and haven’t really used 1.2 either, so I can’t speak about the specifics of upgrading to 1.2.

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