What to use for new project? - Blaze deprecated, React don't use templates and Angular2 still in alpha


I’m starting new project. I think Blaze together with some community packages would be best choice, but…
Now, when Blaze become ‘deprecated’ and I don’t want to move my client into the trouble in the future when Blaze will be completely deprecated and unsupported.

I don’t like Angular1.
I have looked into Angular2, it would work ok for me, but it is still in alpha.

React also doesn’t looks like a proper choice. We will have a lot of markup and will work with designer who can make template (he is ok with Handlebars/Spacebars) but he really don’t get React. It’s hard for him to think in components everywhere etc.

So, what to choose? MDG just made big headache alter announcing of future changes for Blaze (I mean Blaze -> React switch).


Vue.js is nice, made by a MDG’er and has a package :smile:


I am also confused what I should use for my new project :sweat:


React - their new front-end framework will be built on top of, and probably compatible directly with, React


@msavin, probably that new front-end framework, MDG is starting working on, would be good choice but it’s not here for now. As I mentioned in my initial post React is not the right choice. With React we will for sure not fit in time and budget.
I already have experience with React and I like to use it when components needed, but generally it’s much slower to code with React than with Blaze (at least for me). Also our designer will not learn React, and my colleague and me don’t want to spend tons of time by translating his html/css into React needed way.


Ah sorry I missed that part. Maybe @evanyou can persuade you to use Vue. It has a good response and is designer-friendly.


I would have suggested react, but given what you say here,

With React we will for sure not fit in time and budget.
I already have experience with react and I like to use it when components needed, but generally it’s is much slower to code with react that with Blaze (at least for me).

I have to agree that using react is a huge investment. (One which eventually pays off, however) Writing something simple will likely take you significantly longer with react than with some other popular solutions. On the flipside, doing something large/complex/demanding could be infinitely easier & more sustainable with react. You just got to decide which side of the break-even-point your project resides on, and of course, that’s not an easy thing to gauge.

I’ve been working with meteor + react (not to mention flux + SSR + being distributed over several nodes, oh and I have yet to even attempt to tackle cordova :cry:) for the past three months and I’m still quite a far way away from the foundation/backend/what-have-you that I’m looking for with the apps I’m developing. I could have developed the majority of the work I’ve done in a weekend if I had gone with say a Yii app on LAMP stack which I’m much more used to.

It’s not really all the fault of react. I also have to blame my use of meteor which is, despite it’s awesomeness (:heart: you MDG & community) is rather immature compared to what I’m used to in terms of the depth of its functionality. Really, Meteor isn’t designed for the more static LAMP-ey functionality I want so I’m have to flesh out so much of that myself. That being said, I would have never been able to accomplish many of the things that meteor makes possible out-of-the-box.

Oh and I’m programming in a language(es6/7) that doesn’t really even exist yet, sorta, well it does, but it’s complicated (and therein lies my problem)


but yeah I fervently suggest seriously consider how much time/investment/learning curve your project’s dependencies will involve. Totally bit off more than I can chew, but I don’t regret a second of it; meteor/isomorphic js is the future.


I didn’t find any declaration of deprecating blaze by MDG.
Would you give me a link?
I need to know which will be the last supported version, or any time schedule?


Blaze has not been deprecated. However, it has been put into community hands for ongoing development.