What value apollo will bring on the table?

I am not terribly familiar with those new technologies like react, graphql etc… As I understand Apollo will use graphql wich will allow for multiple data sources in the backend. However those are not technologies developed by MDG and as I understand you can create react/graphql application right now with no problem. Why then you need meteor? What value does Apollo bring on the table? If someone can explain it to me like I am five I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Meteor is an easy to use build tool for JS. Apollo is the easiest way to use GraphQL in your app. GraphQL makes your front-end code not have to care about where data comes from on the back-end, simplifying your APIs.

For more info on Apollo: http://www.apollostack.com/

Ok so as I understand graphQl is something like rest but better. Now apollo will make it somehow a bit easier. That’s it? As I understand facebook’s relay is doing the same, no? Why Apollo will be better?

It seems they are moving to that road. But before it was blaze, minimongo, ddp, atmosphere, all packaged in one holistic product with great user experience, not to mention innovation, uniqueness and a promise to change the world (that’s why they’ve got good funding).