Whatever happened to 1.1.1?


Was wondering if the in progress release 1.1.1 was still in the works?


Heres a link to the release notes and progress https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/devel/History.md


Thanks but I am aware of the History.md file and that is why I quoted “in progress release”.

The 1.1.1 in progress note in the History.md file is from June 16th, so I thought the in progress was getting a little stale. At one point there was a 1.1.1 branch but I believe it was merged into devel.

Just looking for an update as to whether or not this release is being skipped in favor of 1.2



@sashko and I wanted to release 1.1.1 with all the accumulated fixes over the last couple of month. Unfortunately, both of us were too busy to finish the QA process and test the release on all platforms. We decided to drop the release and wait for Meteor 1.2 to release everything at once.



Thanks for the info. Kind of what I figured but wanted to know from the source. I have a number of projects in need of the Cordova upgrade to 4+/5 in order to fix some issues. Is there a hack to get cordova 5?

Thanks and keep up the good work.